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The Fisher Space Pen has been used and trusted by astronauts since 1967 and the history making Virgin Galactic flight to the edge of space saw Richard Branson and his crew use the pen to sign their test flight log. Joshua Skidmore, Fisher Space Pen’s Director of sales and marketing said: “We are honoured that they used our commemorative Virgin Galactic Space Pens to sign the flight log,” he continued: “Everyone who attended this monumental event took home their own Fisher Bullet Space Pen emblazoned with Virgin Galactic’s DNA of Flight Logo. We feel blessed and honoured to have been part of this day and keeping Fisher Space Pen linked to ground-breaking events and to help launch the new space age,”

This is not the first time the uniquely pressurised pen has been part of history as it was also used by NASA astronauts to take notes during the moon landing. The Virgin Galactic flight used special editions of the Fisher Space Pen Infinium model created in black titanium and chrome, at present these pens are not currently available for sale but there are plans to launch them in the near future. The special edition pens used by Branson and his “Unity 22” crewmates were also designed to write for three times longer than normal pens

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