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NASA has confirmed after a few false starts the Artemis 1’s first-ever mission was an impressive success. The launch showcased NASA’s new Space Launch System (SLS) which it has been developing for the last decade. It would now seem with the uncrewed mission deemed a success, it is ready for its next mission – launching astronauts to the moon.

The debut launch on the 16th of November 2022 started the 25-day-long mission which sent an unmanned capsule into the moon’s orbit and then returned. This incredible feat means the Artemis 1 is now the most powerful rocket to ever be launched, significantly beating NASA’s iconic Saturn V.

The team at NASA is now reviewing the data from the mission but early indications show the rocket performed even better than expected. This would mean no major changes or developments would be necessary before the next mission. “Building off the assessment conducted shortly after launch, the preliminary post-flight data indicates that all SLS systems performed exceptionally and that the designs are ready to support a crewed flight on Artemis 2,” NASA officials wrote in an update on Jan. 27 “The post-flight analysis team will continue reviewing data and conducting final reportings.”

The next mission, which is scheduled for mid-2024, will look to send a team of NASA astronauts around the moon in 10-days. If this is a success, it is expected that NASA will announce the much-anticipated return to the moon in 2026.

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